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Feb Fast Day 11: Fasting Truly Humbles You

Just as you can set the course of your day by meeting with God in the first hours, the same is true of dedicating the first days of the year to fasting.

King David said, “… I humbled myself with fasting… ” (Psalms 35:13, NKJV; see also Ezra 8:21). And when you humble yourself, God lifts you up!

So, as you continue in your fast, here are a couple of truths to remember:

You do not fast to obtain merit with God or to get rid of sin. There is only one thing that gives us merit with God and cleanses us of sin—the blood of Jesus. However, fasting can bring to the surface any areas of compromise in your life and make you more aware of any sin so you can repent.

Fasting is also not a Christian diet. You should not fast to lose weight, although weight loss is a normal side effect. When you fast, you can simply focus on prayer and God’s Word. And while you can always find a reason not to fast, make up your mind that you are going to do it and trust God.

As you set apart the first days of the year to fast, you will set the course for the months ahead, and God will add blessings to your life all year long!

21-Day Fasting Journey with Jentezen Franklin

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