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Feb Fast Day 18: God Is Your Rock

Someone once sent me a mustard seed from Israel. A common mustard seed is only about one millimeter in diameter, and it grows into a small tree. They are also perennial, growing back year after year and developing deeper root systems each season. You could try to pull one of these little trees out of the ground, but the stems would most likely break, leaving the roots to regenerate a new plant.

That is the type of faith we are to have! Jesus emphasized how great our God is—not how great our faith is. With only a tiny bit of faith, like a mustard seed, we can move mountains, and nothing shall be impossible.

We need to stop measuring our faith by the size of the problem. Instead, we need to start looking at how great our God is. We need to plant that seed of faith—no matter how small—into whatever mountain stands in our way and believe it will be moved because Jesus said it would.

When Peter tried to walk on water, he made it only a few steps because he took his eyes off Jesus, and fear dragged him down. When he began to sink, Jesus lifted him out of the water and said, “… You of little faith…” (Matthew 14:31, NKJV). Peter did have little faith because that is what it took to walk on water!

If he could do that with just a little faith, imagine what will happen when our faith increases!

21-Day Fasting Journey with Jentezen Franklin

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